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MathsCraft Curriculum (2022) is a Course

MathsCraft Curriculum (2022)

Jan 1, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022

$100 Enrol

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Welcome to MathsCraft: Doing Maths like a Research Mathematician!


Mathematics is a set of connected ideas that has enabled humans to solve many problems and create many things of value to our lives.

Doing mathematics is a process where ideas that come to mind are sequenced in unfamiliar chains, in order to explore, solve, create and understand the previously unexplored, previously unsolved, yet to be created and not yet understood. Doing mathematics is an adventure, often quite an exciting adventure.


The MathsCraft Curriculum is a companion to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, and hence all local implementations. It is a structured program that supports teachers to successfully engage students in doing mathematics.

The curriculum is designed to be implemented over two terms, on a regular basis — e.g., one MathsCraft session per week or per fortnight.


The MathsCraft Curriculum requires a minimum of 6-10 hours of class time.


Your enrolment in the MathsCraft Curriculum includes:

  • A carefully curated set of problems to present to a whole class of students, working in groups of 3
  • Support resources for each problem (including a discussion list for the use of all teachers running the program)
  • A “Description of Mathematical Behaviours” to help teachers to mentor-by-modelling and for use with assessment
  • Certificates of achievement for each student in the class, indicating their group’s grade.

One enrolment is for use with one class (up to 30 students).


By engaging with the MathsCraft Curriculum, your students will:

  • Have independent ideas and explore them.
  • Share ideas and collaborate mathematically.
  • Develop an appreciation of logical arguments and how to build them.
  • Learn to reason in order to become sure of an idea.
  • Appreciate ‘dead ends’ as a positive step in their adventure.
  • Develop their critical and creative thinking, resilience and persistence.



MathsCraft is an outreach initiative of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS), in collaboration with the Potts-Baker Institute, Prince Alfred College, Adelaide.


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