Negotiation for Success

Ended Nov 12, 2019

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A practical course that develops and enhances your negotiating capabilities.

The ability to negotiate effectively is a critical business skill. Too often it is either under-valued or expected to automatically improve with time. Observe any successful negotiator at work, however, and it becomes abundantly clear that there's a great deal more behind their success than simple frequency of engagement.

Effective negotiators understand the importance of preparation and process as well as understanding the interests and needs of the other side. This highly practical and intensive two-day program provides an ideal opportunity to advance your negotiation skills.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the vital role information, communication, time and power in successful negotiations
  • Avoid the pitfalls of negotiation including negotiating with yourself
  • Develop a detailed understanding of the other party's needs
  • Learn the most effective negotiation styles and the situations they are best suited to
  • Maintain control over the negotiation process

Get credit into the Professional Management Program by completing this course and its assessment.

Who is this for?

Managers or professionals with a need or desire to sharpen their negotiation skills. It is suitable for those engaged in change management role or those responsible for influencing performance outcomes.