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The Neuroleader is a Course

The Neuroleader

Ended May 22, 2020

Sorry! The enrolment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description


Learn how neuroscience and neuroleadership can positively influence your business environment.

Practicing neuroleadership can have a powerful influence on the way you manage your business, and more importantly, how you manage your team to successfully achieve organisational goals.

Drawn from the latest research in this rapidly expanding field, this course will provide you with interesting insights to the brain, and how they relate directly to leadership and business.

Focusing on the four basic human needs, the program provides you with practical tools to improve your thinking and leadership to positively lead and motivate others.

What will you learn?

  • Identify why your team behave the way they do, and how you can influence these behaviours to achieve team harmony and high performance
  • Understand the four basic human needs and how they impact on the execution of strategic and operational business
  • Recognise why reward is so critical to team and individual motivation, and how you can drive it effectively
  • Understand the practice of neuroleadership the powerful influence it can have in your organisation and how to build it into daily leadership practice
  • Understand the impact of your environment, and how you can design your business to optimise people performance.

Who is this for?

Executives, of any business discipline, who lead a team to achieve organisational objectives.