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Innovating with Design Thinking is a Course

Innovating with Design Thinking

Ended Sep 24, 2019

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Top companies such as Apple and Toyota stay ahead of the game through innovation. Learn to harness innovation in your organisation by applying the key concepts of design thinking.
Design thinking is an innovative approach that enables you to develop solutions to complex problems, find and solve problems, bring new products and solutions to market, and develop unique customer experiences.

In this interactive high impact course you will learn what design thinking is and how to embed it in your organisation. Whether you are focusing on developing new products, a new customer experience, or addressing strategic problems, revolutionise the way you perceive and resolve these issues by innovating using a design thinking approach.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the design thinking process
  • Empathise and connect with customers to  better understand the customer’s journey
  • Acquire the tools necessary to co-develop unique customer experiences
  • Work effectively as a team to produce innovative solutions
  • Develop the mindset necessary to iterate with confidence
  • Plan and drive innovation projects effectively

Who is this for?

  • Executives, Senior Leaders and Managers involved in strategy, customer experience or product development
  • Leaders responsible for value creation and capture
  • R&D personnel in product or service industries