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Appreciative Inquiry is a Course

Appreciative Inquiry

Ended Aug 23, 2019

$1,750 Enrol

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Appreciative Inquiry is a managerial method that approaches change with a focus on strengths, as opposed to problems to be solved. The questions we ask are significant.

In this hands-on program participants learn the key to effective change through an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach.

This organisational development model, developed in the US, is based on the assumption that questions focus our attention in a particular direction. It proposes there are significant organisational impacts stemming from the types of questions we ask and where they lead us. 

What will you learn?

  • Use tools and techniques for shifting your internal orientation from "what's the problem?" to "what's going well?"
  • Understand effective methodologies for identifying and understanding strengths at all operational levels - from individuals to organisation-wide
  • Implement strategies for utilising AI to drive innovation and creative organisational change - moving from inquiry to implementation
  • Drive organisational change - moving from inquiry to implementation
  • Implement techniques for keeping your people motivated and energised
  • Show a deeper understanding of the importance and power of language in your personal and professional life

Get credit into the Professional Management Program by completing this course and its assessment.

Who is this for?

Senior executives, managers, professionals, team leaders