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Submarine Programs for Industry and Defence Managers Course is a Program

Submarine Programs for Industry and Defence Managers Course

Time limit: 2 days

Sorry! The enrolment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full program description

The University of Adelaide are offering new, flexible courses, created and delivered in partnership with the defence industry; and with $89 billion of planned defence spending on submarines and surface ships over the coming years in South Australia, now is the time to advance your career in this rapid growth sector.

The Submarine Programs for Industry and Defence Managers training course provides the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of the submarine industry and its challenges, and the flexibility to pursue a range of defence career interests, without the need for prerequisites in engineering. It is perfectly suited for professionals who work with engineers and other stakeholders of submarine programs to upskill and gain an understanding of the industry surrounding submarines –one of the most complex pieces of engineering produced by humankind.

Offered as a one week intensive program, the mode of study has been designed with busy working professionals in mind, allowing trainees to focus on new learning in a serene environment. The program will run from 27th until the 31st May 2019.

The course enables a deep understanding of submarine programs management from an overall perspective and offers the opportunity to develop a unique awareness for making educated decisions.

With a strong focus on industry and defence considerations, this course will set the scene in terms of geostrategic perspective for submarines in the 21st century.

Focusing on lessons learnt from the past as a foundation, the course will analyse current submarine programs being implemented worldwide, and will perform future projections up to the end of the century.

Considerations, ranging from design to asset management, will draw the trainees’ attention on the intermediate steps such as industrialisation, procurement, shipyard facilities, workforce capability challenges, testing and commissioning and asset management.

Industry 4.0 and virtual shipyard/digital twin will be explored as the future of shipbuilding.

Legal, risks, IP and insurance aspects are also covered during this course.

 Core courses include:

·  Geostrategy and submarines in the 21st Century - Future of Submarines

·  Lessons from experience on Australian Naval Programmes

·  SEA1000: a perspective on the Australian Future Submarine Program

·  Design, Procurement, Manufacturing and Facilities for Submarines

·  Innovation and R&D

·  Building a sovereign capability

·  Workforce challenges

·  Risk, Legal, Insurance and Export Control Management

·  Asset management for submarines