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Space Resource Fundamentals is a Course

Space Resource Fundamentals

Time limit: 4 days

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Full course description

The Space Resource Fundamentals short course is a 4-day inter-disciplinary course designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the nascent space resource field examining its critical necessity to continued human space exploration.

This intensive course includes the key legal environment aspects of space resources and the various destinations, specific resources, proposed methodologies and benefits of utilising resources found off-world.

You will gain a new understanding of the complex realities that shape this critical enabling capability upon which crewed deep space exploration is reliant, and be able to knowledgeably guide your company or organisation regarding potential areas of interest.

Available Course Dates:

When: 23-26 November 2021 9:10 am - 5 pm

Delivery format: Online & in person available

Standard course fee: $AU2500 (GST included)

What is covered in this course?

The following topics will be covered during the course:

  • Launch and Rocket Equations
  • Orbital Mechanics
  • Space resources of interest and locations
  • Mining techniques in multiple environments
  • Space construction
  • Space law
  • Space agriculture
  • Deep space psychology
  • Business case study
  • In-space transportation architecture
  • Applications enabled by space resource use
  • Solar System Destinations: Moon, Mars, Asteroids, Outer solar system