Digital Technologies + X for the Primary Years (2023)



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How can Digital Technologies be used to create solutions for sustainability and to generate new innovations in Art and storytelling? How can you connect Digital Technologies with Maths and English in the classroom?

This is our course Digital Technologies + X for the Primary Years - where "X" is the application of Digital Technologies (DT) to solve problems across different domains. 

This course is designed to build your confidence in integrating the Foundation to Year 6 Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies (V9.0) with other subject areas and to incorporate the Australian Curriculum cross-curriculum priorities.  We cover core concepts in the Australian Curriculum and highlight real-world case studies and careers where Digital Technologies are being used in some fascinating ways such as saving koalas with AI!

The course includes the following modules:

Module 1: Introduction

  • Digital Technologies + X
  • About the course
  • STEM

Module 2: DT + Sustainability

  • Digital Technologies +Sustainability
  • Biodiversity tracking
  • Smart cities
  • Food and waste footprints

Module 3: DT + Maths

  • Digital Technologies + Maths
  • Data Literacy
  • Digital artwork
  • Robotics and mapping

Module 4: DT + English

  • Digital Technologies + English
  • Storytelling
  • Languages
  • Digital Literacy

The course will require around 5 hours to complete. To receive a certificate of completion for this course, we invite you to complete a task at the end of each unit. 

This course has been funded by Google Australia and the Australian Government Department of Education.


Who are CSER STEM Professional Learning?

We are the Computer Science Education Research Group, also known as CSER, at The University of Adelaide and we have been operating a national STEM Professional Learning Program for teachers since 2014. 

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