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Teaching AI in the Secondary Classroom

Started Jun 3, 2024


Full course description

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving the next wave of technological innovation and is changing almost every industry around us. With the expansion and ubiquity of AI, it is logical that students also must need to develop their understanding of AI itself so that they are prepared as users and also creators of future technologies.

This online, self-paced course is aligned to Version 9.0 of the Australian Curriculum. In the first module, we provide secondary school teachers with the necessary background information to teach and contextualise AI in the classroom by providing an overview of what AI is and how it works, as well as a breakdown of many fascinating examples.

The second part of the course includes practical classroom activities, linked to examples of real-world AI-driven technology, which are suitable for the secondary school years. You will be able to learn how to build students' understandings of AI with and without technology, and linked to the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

The course will require around 7 hours to complete and participants will receive a certificate for completing the course activities.


This course has been developed by the CSER STEM Professional Learning Team. CSER have been developing national professional learning programs since 2014, covering Digital Technologies, AI, Cyber Security and Mathematics. Find out more at

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We would like to thank Google Australia for funding the development of this course. 

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