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Excelling in Year 12 Tuition Course (11th- 15th January 2021) is a Course

Excelling in Year 12 Tuition Course (11th- 15th January 2021)

Time limit: 2 days

$265 Enrol

Full course description

This course conducted in two 3 hour sessions, includes key topics such as motivation, goal setting, time and stress management, study and exam skills. The course is designed for Year 12 students, and is also appropriate for Year 11 students. One of the benefits students will gain from this course will be to manage their study, work and leisure time more effectively, which can ultimately contribute to the students success in year 12.

Course Content & Outcomes:

  • Motivation and goal setting
  • Time and resource management
  • General study skills
  • Problem solving and stress management
  • Planning the year ahead

The Course Assists Students to:

  • Manage study, work and leisure time more efficiently
  • Determine their strengths and weaknesses
  • Manage stress and self assess progress of study
  • Identify key tasks during the year
  • Feel confident about their ability to succeed!

Course Delivery:

There will be no large group lectures and the classes are limited in size allowing teachers to attend to individual learning needs. Our classroom style teaching method allows you to interact freely with the teacher and fellow students, ensuring the best possible learning environment.

The structure of our Year 12 revision programs offer a high degree of continuity as you remain in the same class for the duration of the course, with many students returning throughout the year.

The fee is inclusive of course notes specifically developed for the course.

Please bring your own writing materials.

Please Note: This overview is intended as a guide only.

" Information provided will enable me to improve study skills, time management and goal setting in Year 12. "