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Biology SACE Stage 2 Tuition Course (12th- 16th April 2021) is a Course

Biology SACE Stage 2 Tuition Course (12th- 16th April 2021)

Time limit: 5 days

$340 Enrol

Full course description

Our courses give students a distinct advantage in progressing through their SACE Year 12 studies. They will help you to revise and consolidate knowledge in the subject, seek answers for specific queries and assist you to gain confidence in preparing for the SACE Year 12 exams. They will also provide invaluable tips on study skills and techniques specific to the subject.

The courses are 15 hours in duration delivered over a week (3 hours x 5 days or when there is a public holiday, 3 3/4 hours x 4 days). They are presented by experienced Year 12 teachers who are specialists in their subject area, committed and enthusiastic about helping students achieve their academic best.

Course content & Outcomes:

This course will revise select topics covered in Term 1, and introduce key topics and concepts that will normally be covered in Term 2.

Term 1 topics

  • DNA and Proteins
    • revision of DNA, chromosome, gene, DNA replication, protein synthesis
    • epigenetics
    • universal genetic code, mutations
  • Cells as the basis of life
    • revision of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, animal and plant cells, structure and function of organelles, cell membrane, cytoskeleton, cell division (binary fission and mitosis)
    • meiosis
    • diffusion and osmosis
    • active transport, endocytosis, exocytosis
    • energy transformations in cells
    • photosynthesis, aerobic respiration and fermentation (anaerobic respiration)
    • ADP and ATP
    • regulation of cell division
    • cell metabolism cell culture
    • chemicals which interfere with cells

Term 2 topics

  • Homeostasis
    • Stimulus response model
    • Nervous system
    • Endocrine system
    • Control of temperature, osmoregulation, blood sugar level, pH of blood
  • Techniques for answering multiple choice, short answer, practical work and extended response questions will be reinforced. Simple but effective study skills will be discussed.

The Course Assists Students to:

  • Gain an introduction to content covered in Term 2.
  • Develop an understanding of key concepts and ideas.
  • Gain confidence and improve techniques in answering exam questions.

Course Delivery

There will be no large groups lectures and the classes are limited in size allowing teachers to attend to individual learning needs. Our classroom style teaching method allows you to interact freely with the teacher and fellow students, ensuring the best possible learning environment. Key ideas from topics are revised, followed by practice exercises (including exam-type questions).

The structure of our Year 12 revision programs offer a high degree of continuity as you remain in the same class for the duration of the course, with many students returning throughout the year.

The fee is inclusive of course notes specifically developed for the course.

Please bring your own writing materials.

Please Note: This overview is intended as a guide only.

" Revising the topics we've done was a nice refresher. Knowing that what you were learning was correct and going through the extended response of the exam was fantastic. "